Ship Consult & Trading GmbH is a team of engineers specialized in project management of important maritime projects. The company disposes of long-term experience in shipbuilding and excellent competences in the industry.

These include consultations, assessments and valuation as well as repairs, production and outfitting.

First, we are able to fall back to a pool of engineers having a first-class training in the area of ship and machinery construction. Secondly, we have specialised works in the areas of tube constructions, heating, sanitary, ventilation, and electrical works having shipyard experience.

Our employees have a GL-certified welding admission. In the pool of the production and assembly department we have collaborators with navigation experience (with patent CI). This permits us to carry out system tests and to participate to shipyard test drives.

Since 2011 we have been participating to the start-up of converter platforms for offshore wind parks in the North Sea (Nordsee).

The company was able to gain an outstanding market position in shortest time and is acting worldwide at important shipbuilding locations.

The managing director of the company, Holger Behrenwald, had worked before the incorporation of Ship Consult & Trading GmbH many years in leading positions on large shipyards in Germany and abroad and can rely on a pool of competent shipbuilding engineers.

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