Ship appraisal and damage inspections

We inspect primarily for shipping companies, banks and potential investors ships, evaluate their technical condition and provide survey reports.

On behalf of ship owners and insurers we perform damage inspections on sea-going vessels and accomplish On-Hire/Off-Hire reports for ship owners and charterers. Upon request of ship owners we inspect classification papers and provide Class records.

As an independent expert Mr. Behrenwald can be ordered as a consultant in legal proceedings.

Building consultation, design examination and construction supervision

The managing director Holger Behrenwald and all contracted engineers dispose of many years of experience and excellent technical skills in the project management which is required in the building phase of ships, the conversion of ships and change of structural steel parts.

In close co-operation with the technical departments of shipping companies building specifications are examined. It goes without saying that the construction supervision is always on the building site. Particularly good experiences exist for Eastern European and south European parts.

The engineer consultants are available both for short-term inspection visits and permanent site supervisions from keel laying to ship delivery. During the most important construction phases and, in particular in the final delivery phase, the supervision team can be extended by additional experts.

General technical ship engineering work and delivery of documentation

We accomplish all kinds of general technical ship engineering work, e.g. stability computations, strength calculations, delivery of conversion plans, consultancy and active co-operation with large repairs, and general ship design work.

Customers are supported with the procurement of optional equipment for ships and swimming equipment, with the execution of ship repairs, both from the technical and economic side , and with the shipment of special goods.

Further we deliver technical documentation as well as their translation into a desired target language.

Technical management for maritime projects

Ship Consult & Trading GmbH supervises maritime projects such as new ships, conversions and large repairs all over the world. We can provide you with specialists for a competent project management.

Offshore Installation and Commissioning

During the construction of offshore-substations HelWin Alpha and Beta BorWin a team supervised by our engineers the entire construction supervision phase. We are able to assist through our whole offshore team, the installation and commissioning of substations. References for this are the installations of BorWin Beta and Alpha HelWin in the North Sea.

Production and outfitting for new ships / ship repair

The powerful production and outfitting division is able to offer all kind of services in the field of pipe assembly / pipe production, equipment and machinery installation, system testing and ventilation assembly. Our clients can rely on a team of experts with shipyard and sea-going experience. All employees obtain GL-approved welding certificates.

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