Siemens AG

  • Conceptual cooperation with the technical preparation and
    building of 11 MW POD- drives
  • Construction supervision and acceptance of work of the steel structures
    Offshore Transformer platforms Helwin1, Helwin2, Borwin2
  • Start-up of secondary technology of the Offshore Platform
  • Construction supervision in the fields of “Steel & Welding”, “Coating &
    Preparation”, “Piping & Mechanical”, and “Accommodation & Outfitting” and
    start-up of the systems on the Offshore Transformer Platforms (Nordsee-
    Windpark / North Sea Wind Park)


  • Construction supervision for various new ship constructions (tender)
  • Reparation works on systems on various cruise ships, among others the
    following: “Mein Schiff”, “Deutschland”, “Norwegian Dawn”


  • Assembly of cold water and heating conducts, fire extinction systems, air
    conditioning plans on various frigate, work group providers and cruise ships
  • Production of box versions
  • Participation to tests and test drives


  • Reconstruction of cooling water systems
  • System tests


  • Construction supervision, acceptance tests and start-up of transformer
    platform for an offshore wind park

Stinnes Linien

  • Development of a new building concept
  • Inspection of operating ships and generating reports on their technical
  • Technical concept on the crane capacity increase of the active/driving fleet
  • Conceptual and technical consultancy with the purchase of four general-
    purpose container ships

Flender Werft

  • Technical supervision for the completion and commissioning of RO-PAX ferries
  • Guarantee service package for SUPERFAST XI
  • Docking SUPERFAST XI with rudder modification
  • Technical supervision for the building and commissioning of the RO-PAX
    ferry NOROENNA
  • Technical supervision of the yard trials at sea


  • Umrüstung Kraftstoffsysteme von MDO auf Schweröl

MPC – Münchmeyer Petersen Marine GmbH

  • Cooperation with the material purchase for five container ships
  • Training of Iranian specialists in the field of piping/mechanical engineering
  • Development of a planning system on the Alexandria Shipyard (Egypt)
  • Project management for the building of two cool container ships on the
    ENVC Shipyard (Portugal)

Hartmann Schiffahrts GmbH & Co.KG

  • Supervision Aker MTW

Aker Ostsee

  • Guarantee supervision for the Iranian state shipping company

Aker Philadelphia Shipyard

  • Pipe assembly and assembly of main propulsion plant
  • Alignment of main engine and gear boxes
  • Test and commissioning of all pipe and machinery systems

Eurolog Marine

  • Design project management for 1800 TEU container vessel – design project management for 6500 tdw MPC vessel

Haiphong Equipment Manufacture and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (LILAMA)

  • Pipe assembly and assembly of main propulsion plant
  • Alignment of main engine and gear boxes
  • Test and commissioning of all pipe and machinery Systems

Israel Shipyard Ltd.

  • Shipyard expertise
  • Development of an investment program
    Restructuring concept for the preparation of the construction of 800 TEU
  • container vessels

Neptun Reparaturwerft

  • Complete pipe outfitting of engine room, ship projects 506/507

Arkona AG

  • Installation and dimensioning of heat recovery plant on board of
    A´Rosa Bella, Donna, Mia and Riva

Schiffbau- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft Tangermünde mbH

  • Complete pipe outfitting of ship project „Baltica 2“
  • Installation of units and systems in engine room
  • System testing / Supervision of shipyard sea trials

Meyer Werft GmbH

  • Complete pipe outfitting of AC units of the ship project „AIDA Sphinx“

Rousse Shipyard ( Bulgarien )

  • Technical executive management

Volkswerft Stralsund GmbH

  • Participation in system testing with shipyard sea trials
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